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Annual Report 2022

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From defensive to open

Although excited at becoming a dad, 17-year-old Tawhiri was finding the demands of fatherhood draining. His family was supportive, but he felt unable to talk with them about what troubled him. He started meeting weekly with a youth worker in Iosis’s Young Fathers programme. Gradually he found the confidence to drop his defences. To his relief, he found that people were ready to listen and understand without judgement. Read more


From distant to connected

Letechia was expecting her third child. Her two older children had been removed from her care in the past. Child, Youth and Family referred her to Iosis’s Merivale Whanau Development Centre for help with parenting skills. At Merivale, Letechia learnt compassionate communication and how to form strong bonds with her baby. Her new skills will help her as she rebuilds relationships with her other children too. Read more

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If you are struggling to be the parent you want to be and need back up, call 269 0050 and discuss confidentially how Iosis can help you or contact us by email..

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Foster carers are a valuable part of the Iosis organisation providing a place of stability and belonging for children who are often feeling extremely vulnerable.
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We rely on the generosity of others to continue our work with families. You can help us to support more families.
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