Barrie’s story: the power of commitment

Posted on September 15, 2018 by Iosis

Barrie is a solo father of four children. Last year, the children were taken from him and placed into foster care. Since then, Barrie has been on a mission to get them back and he’ll find out soon if he has been successful.

Barrie has completed four Iosis programmes including the Parenting Toolbox, Family Resilience, AOD Early Recovery and the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P), plus he’s now doing our Men’s Development programme. To do this, he catches two buses, leaving home at 6am to be at Iosis for his first class at 9am.

“The first programme I did with Iosis was Family Resilience,” says Barrie. “A light bulb went on and I gained more skills around raising my family. It taught me how to communicate and resolve family issues in a different way, how to create a close family structure and be a better parent. I learnt to believe in myself and along the way I found the ability and the confidence to make changes.”

Because Iosis offers a wide range of programmes and services for men, women, couples and families, Barrie could continue on his journey. “I feel in a good place now,” he enthuses. “I am really focused on my children and creating a stable, safe family home for them.”

Barrie on…

  • John and Gillian, Iosis educators – “They are an inspiration and great teachers.”
  • Change – “I didn’t know it could be like this. I challenge myself now and if I find I’m slipping, I know what to do.”
  • Advice to others – “Reach out for help. Start to learn new skills – it is possible to change.”
  • The future – “I’ve learnt the importance of building a solid foundation for the family, creating routines and establishing close bonds.”
  • Next steps with Iosis – “With the possibility of the children coming home, the financial mentor and parent support team at Iosis are on hand to help. Everyone here has been brilliant.”

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