Do you have room in your heart and your home for a child? Become a foster carer.

"You can make such a huge difference to a child's life - even if its only for a short time" - Lisa, foster parent

Wondering if fostering is right for you?If you have a big heart, a caring attitude, and can give a child a secure and loving home, please consider becoming a foster carer.

Fostering a child is life-changing and incredibly rewarding – and Iosis will be right behind you with training and 24/7 support every step of the way.

Simply fill in the form to find out more – there’s no obligation.

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Who makes a great foster caregiver?

Are you a warm, caring individual, couple or family who genuinely want to make a difference in the life of a child or young person? Can you offer them a safe, stable and nurturing environment? Then you’d make a great foster caregiver!

“Iosis staff are on call 24/7 so there’s always someone there if you need them.” - Lisa, foster parent

Auckland couple, Lisa and Gary have just completed foster care training with Iosis and are ready to give a child a loving home. “The whole way through this journey, Iosis has been really supportive about understanding what else we might need to feel prepared,” says Lisa. “There’s a lot more support that we had envisaged.”

It doesn’t matter:

  • What your ethnic group or culture
  • Where you live in Auckland
  • Whether you own or rent your home
  • Whether you have children of your own
  • What your age – single in your 20’s or retired in your 60’s

Why become an Iosis foster caregiver?

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Because the need has never been greater.

Right now, we have to turn away at least eight children every week, because we don’t have enough foster caregivers. The more caring people who join us, the more children we can help.

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Because we’re behind you all the way.

Iosis has been providing care to children for over 100 years. We’ll fully train you and help you through every step of your fostering journey – and we’re on call 24/7.

“I was so inspired by the other foster carers,” says Lisa. “They were people from all cultures and all walks of life – and they all had a great deal of really helpful life experience. With Iosis, it felt like that was really valued.”

Keen to give it a go? Here’s how it works

  • You register your interest (obligation-free)
  • You’ll receive an email, followed by a call from Iosis to arrange a phone interview
  • If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll assess you, including medical and personal referee checks
  • You undertake our caregiver training before you become a foster caregiver
  • We put support in place for you, including the opportunity to meet with other Iosis foster caregivers.
  • We’ll organise your first placement
  • You provide a warm, loving home for that child or young person
  • We’ll provide on-going training and support as needed


How long do children usually stay?

It can vary from just a few days to weeks, months or even years. The placement period is affected by many factors such as the family situation, the court system and other agencies such as Oranga Tamaraki. You can decide whether you want children for longer or shorter stays, or for respite care.

Can you choose which children you foster?

Yes, once you’re trained and ready to be a foster carer, you can select the age groups and gender of children you’d be more comfortable caring for. We’ll email you different placement options until you find the right fit for you.

What things do I need to provide?

The key thing is to provide a caring, nurturing and stable environment. You’ll need to provide all the things you would normally expect to for a child – meals, a bedroom (their own or shared), transport to and from school, nappies and formula if they’re babies – we’ll talk that through with you in more detail.

Will I get paid?

Reimbursement (payment) rates depend on the age of the child in your care. As of April 2017, this ranges between $182 to $260 per child, per week. Extra expenses such as medical expenses and special dietary requirements can be claimed separately after discussion with Iosis.

Will I have to contact the child’s family and will my details be shared with them?

No, you’re not expected to contact the family at any time. We manage the liaison with the child’s family and we ensure your contact details are not shared.

Will I have to communicate directly with child welfare agencies?

No, in fact, this is actively discouraged. All communication relating to the children in your care will come through Iosis.

What if I need a break?

Providing a stable, consistent environment is really important for the wellbeing of the child or children in your care. However, we realise there may be times when you need a break, so if you do, please contact us about using our respite service.

What kind of behaviour can I expect from children I’m fostering?

Iosis is a low-to-medium needs provider, which means we don’t take placements for children who are considered to have high-risk behaviours. However, most children who need foster care have usually been affected by some trauma, which can lead to behavioural issues. We can talk this through in more detail during caregiver training.

Ready to make a difference to a child’s life?