A Day in the Life of a Community Social Worker

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Iosis



After our daily staff ‘stand-up’ meeting, I write up some client assessments. It is a good time to catch contacts at other agencies before they get busy too.


I have a Signs of Safety consult with other members of the Community Social Work team, to identify risks, strengths and goals of one of our new client families.


At a whanau hui, a couple describes their worries, strengths and aspirations. We talk about developing a family roadmap – a plan of how they will get from where they are now to the kind of parents they want to become.


I was just on my way out when a client calls me on my mobile. She says her home situation has ‘blown up’. I ensure she and the children are safe, and reschedule a few things so I can drop by later this afternoon.


At an appointment with Oranga Tamariki, we discuss the progress of clients they referred to Iosis. The Oranga Tamariki case manager is thrilled at the efforts the parents are making to transform their family life.


Back at the office I prepare for a visit from a mum and daughter. Using Strength Cards will help make what could otherwise be an intimidating experience, into an encounter in which the girl feels strong, safe and capable.


After visiting the distressed mum who called earlier and making some plans together around protection, I go to another client’s home for a follow-up progress visit. We discuss change, inner growth, and goal-setting.

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