A Day in the life of a Foster Carer

Posted on June 14, 2014 by Iosis


Get L up out of her cot and have cuddles. Sort big kids for school. While L is having breakfast with big ‘brother’ at the table, I do odd jobs and make lunches.


Big kids leave for school. I clean up the kitchen and plan the morning activities. L potters about the lounge going from the doll’s house to her kitchen, toys and instruments


An Iosis Foster Care social worker calls to confirm L has a visit with her parents in the weekend. Also, the social worker asks if we can take another child. My heart says yes but It’s a family decision, so I say I’ll let them know.


We stop at our friends for a special birthday morning tea. L is feeling a little fragile and takes a while to settle down before she plays this morning.


L’s eczema is red and she has been tired so I take her to the doctor. The clinic has a kid’s table with colouring pictures and pens. L loves to draw. The doctor suggests L goes dairy-free.


We head home. L is tired so she has a drink and goes to bed. I have to go out later so decide to cook dinner early and put the bread maker on.


We take our kitten to have her stitches out. The vet has rabbits for sale. We are working on numbers at the moment, so we count the rabbits and talk about their colours.


After dinner it is shower, PJs, run around time and book reading. ‘Dad’ is home from work so L has some cuddles and time with him before she goes to bed.

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