A Day in the Life of a Parent Support Worker

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Iosis


Parent Support Worker
Our day begins with a song and karakia, followed by ‘stand-up’ – a quick staff meeting to keep everyone informed about staff movements and happenings that day.
I use a screening tool to assess a new client family’s needs. Among other challenges, the parents have vastly different parenting styles, which the children are picking up on. The couple wants to learn how to become more consistent with routines and discipline.
Parent Support Worker
Parent Support Worker
A client I visited yesterday needs back-up support with kitchenware and children’s clothes. I’ve rustled some together and will drop them around to them on my way to my next appointment.
My next client wants to learn how to prepare simple, low-cost, healthy meals. We develop a menu plan and try out one of the dishes. Next week we’ll go to the supermarket together to learn how to shop on a budget.
Parent Support Worker
My client also needs help establishing household routines. Using a chore chart with her children will teach them individual responsibility and will reduce arguments about uncompleted tasks.
Back in the office I meet with a client who wants to prepare for her driver’s licence test. I walk her through the process of using online road code tests. She did well – she got 100%! She just needs confidence; I reassure her she can do it.
Parent Support Worker
Parent Support Worker
We give out a lot of free resources to families. We’re running low, so I collect some more from one of the publishers to replenish our stock.
I meet monthly with my manager for professional supervision. The meetings are a chance to reflect on my work practice and gain objective feedback, with the goal of continual development.
Parent Support Worker

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