A Day in the Life of a Primary School Social Worker

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Iosis


I check my emails to ensure there are no last minute meeting cancellations. How my day pans out can be quite different to what I’ve planned, but I need to be responsive to the needs of students and their families.
This is my first meeting with S. I talk to him about the ‘three houses’. This is an assessment tool, to find out what is going on in the child’s world.
A mum whose family I’ve been working alongside drops by for an unexpected chat. We do some artwork together. I’ve found this creative approach is therapeutic, and helps conversation about emotional issues flow more easily.
I get out more art materials and the masks some students have been working on, ready for our session together. Inside the masks they write what they need to tell themselves to get to where they want to go.
The school deputy principal and I look over enrolments for next term. I will need to make up some packs later today for families whose children are commencing then.
An Iosis colleague who also is a school social worker meets up with me to share ideas for resources.
I get a text from a family to ask if they can bring forward our planned meeting to 2pm, as they have a doctor’s appointment later. So, I’m off out earlier than I thought I’d be!
Back in my office, I start preparing the packs for families whose children start next term. The packs include fun learning activities the family can do together, and which will help the new entrant prepare for their school life.

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