Merivale: a truly transformative ‘safe place’ for mothers and children.

Posted on March 11, 2020 by Iosis

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and for mothers who are struggling to cope, Merivale is that village. 

A unique, long-term residential programme specifically designed for mothers who’ve been impacted by abuse, addiction or neglect, it provides a unique opportunity for the child to remain with mum in a supportive, secure and safe environment – rather than going into care. 

Mums stay at Merivale for at least six months with their child or children, learning how to parent, overcome challenges such as alcohol or drug addiction, become independent, and care for their family. The programme includes practical life skills such as parenting, cooking, managing a home, and keeping themselves well. 

The staff at Merivale teach and mentor these young mothers as they turn their lives around – it’a a wonderful example of the Iosis philosophy of ‘transforming family life’ at work. 

What is Merivale?

  • A unique, 24/7 residential programme for mothers and their children.
  • Minimum six-month stay, though it can be longer.
  • Women often have issues with dependency and/or violent relationships. 
  • A unique, wraparound approach, addressing challenges such as parenting, addiction, and overcoming violence and trauma.

Merivale currently has limited vacancies: if you know of a mother who might qualify for this transformational programme and Oranga Tamariki are involved, please contact Iosis on 269 0050. 

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