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Counselling offers second chance


Luana longs to be a positive influence in her sons’ lives—the kind of role model she lacked growing up. She shares how counselling with Iosis has helped her on that path. Luana initially sought counselling for her seven-year-old son. But, when offered it for herself also, she leapt at the opportunity. She was matched with…

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Becoming better men

Teina and Loni

Men referred to Iosis’s family violence programme arrive scared, overwhelmed, angry and emotional. But those who complete it are amazed at what they learn.   Every Friday, Iosis facilitators Teina and Loni meet with men who have had protection orders made against them by their partners. None of the men want to be in the…

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Becoming money smart

mother and son at beach

Janelle* was a young mum in her early 20s when her debt journey began. She came to Iosis for help about two years later. By then, finance company loan and credit card interest were skyrocketing. “I had a couple of debts that were hard to deal with. It was making me not able to get…

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Bernard’s ‘bits and bobs’

Bernard at work

From his Auckland garage, retired telephone technician Bernard spends many an hour dismantling donated cast-off electronic gear. He is driven by a desire to reduce landfill waste and to support good works. By selling electronic components or scrap metal, he and his team of like-minded others have raised thousands of dollars for charities—including $8,000 in…

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Farewell to Jillian Parsons

Jillian Parsons

Recently we farewelled Jillian Parsons, affectionately known to staff as ‘Whaea Jill’. Jillian joined Iosis in 2006 and worked in a number of social work, facilitator and counselling roles, most recently as counsellor/programme facilitator at Merivale. The number of lives she has impacted in her time with us is immeasurable. As colleagues and friends, we…

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Winter Warmers appeal overwhelms

Wendy holds winter warmer items

When a tornado ripped through her neighbourhood on the morning of 19 June 2021, Wendy Barthow suddenly got a new comprehension of the word ‘cold’. The roof of her family home was partially torn off and several windows shattered. With the power off, and until temporary fixes could be made, the only place to stay…

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Māori Development Leader appointed

Teina Mita

Iosis recently appointed its first Māori development leader. Teina Mita, formerly the Iosis counselling and men’s development team leader, took up the new role on 12 April 2021. “We are blessed at Iosis with a multicultural team, which has influenced the way we work with families. But while we have had many passionate champions for…

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Meet Eloise, Iosis Social Worker

Eloise joined Iosis in 2019 as a Social Worker and is based at St Anne’s Catholic School, located next door to Iosis on Russell Road. She previously worked for Family Works, part of Presbyterian Support Northern.

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