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Winter Warmers appeal overwhelms

When a tornado ripped through her neighbourhood on the morning of 19 June 2021, Wendy Barthow suddenly got a new comprehension of the word ‘cold’. The roof of her family home was partially torn off and several windows shattered. With the power off, and until temporary fixes could be made, the only place to stay…

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Māori Development Leader appointed

Teina Mita

Iosis recently appointed its first Māori development leader. Teina Mita, formerly the Iosis counselling and men’s development team leader, took up the new role on 12 April 2021. “We are blessed at Iosis with a multicultural team, which has influenced the way we work with families. But while we have had many passionate champions for…

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Meet Eloise, Iosis Social Worker

Eloise joined Iosis in 2019 as a Social Worker and is based at St Anne’s Catholic School, located next door to Iosis on Russell Road. She previously worked for Family Works, part of Presbyterian Support Northern.

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In the spirit of Christmas – thank you!

Our thanks to all of our big-hearted supporters this Christmas.  Eastview Baptist made a donation towards food parcels and toys for Iosis families, while Life Community Trust provided food parcels for families. We also received generous gifts from The Children’s Corner in Howick (thank you Diane) and Care-A-Lot in Stanley Point (thank you Michelle). Lastly,…

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Merivale: a truly transformative ‘safe place’ for mothers and children.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and for mothers who are struggling to cope, Merivale is that village.  A unique, long-term residential programme specifically designed for young and solo mothers who’ve been impacted by abuse, addiction or neglect, it provides a unique opportunity for the child to remain with mum in…

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Iosis Community Award winners: Dione & Jonathan Read

Every year Iosis recognises the amazing work of someone in the community who goes above and beyond to transform family life.  In 2019, the $1200 prize was awarded to Dione and Jonathan Read, who were nominated by Iosis Social Worker, Rebekah Marshall.  “I was so delighted when they were selected,” says Rebekah. “They are a…

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The new National Care Standards: what this means for Iosis

On 1 July last year, the new National Care Standards came into effect. Developed by an expert advisory panel from Oranga Tamariki in consultation with children in care, they set out the standard of care that every child and young person needs to do well and be well, and the support caregivers can expect to…

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Giving our tamariki better tomorrows

Right now, many Auckland children are in need of foster carers – but sadly Iosis are unable to help because we simply don’t have enough carers to meet the demand. That’s why we’re looking for more caring families, couples or individuals who have a good home, a caring attitude and a whole lot of aroha. …

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Transforming family violence takes a team approach

When the Police are called out to a family violence situation, they refer the family to the most appropriate agency, one of which is Iosis. In these cases, our new teamwork is already making a difference.  New legislation introduced on July 1st means that a Police Safety Order (PSO) can now be issued for up…

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New faces. New skills. New strengths.

During the first few months of this year, the Iosis team has grown with the addition of even more highly experienced and committed staff members. We’re also thrilled to welcome back a past employee, Rangi Vaitohi, to the team.  Rangi Vaitohi, Community Social Worker “The most important thing I do is listen. From listening comes…

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