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A Day in the Life of a Merivale Mum

A day in the life of a Merivale mum

The Merivale Whanau Development Centre is a residential parenting programme for mothers who have been impacted by neglect and abuse. During their time at Merivale, parents are educated and supported to learn new behaviours and parenting skills that will transform their family life.

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Transformed Family

Family Transformation

Some stories are too personal to tell. The following story is fictional and the photos have been posed by models. However the story of ‘Maia’ and’ James’ is representative of the kinds of challenges often faced by families seeking help from Iosis – relationship break-down, addictions, and violence in the home. Although the names are…

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Finding a place to belong


Danny* had a partner and young children, but spent more time roaming the streets than with them. His relationship with his parents was also rocky. They disapproved of his lifestyle and he had deliberately cut himself off from them and their culture. A stint in jail caused him to re-evaluate his life. His parole officer…

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Breaking the cycle


Gayleen* can’t remember much from her childhood. The family environment was fragile, with Gayleen and her siblings growing up unnoticed, unconnected, and uncared for. That’s how she managed, as a young teenager, to keep her pregnancy secret until just weeks before her baby was born. Feeling abandoned, alone and ill-equipped to be a mum, Gayleen’s repressed…

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Learning parenting skills

Build confident parents

Natalie* had a particularly horrific and chaotic upbringing. Now she was a mum herself, but she had no experience of what good parenting looked or felt like. Consequently, her children were ‘out of control’. An Iosis Parent Support worker came to her home, to provide parent coaching and back-up with practical needs. This made Natalie…

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A Day in the Life of a Community Social Worker

A Day in the Life of A Community Social Worker


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A Day in the Life of a Parent Support Worker

A Day in the Life of A Parent Support Worker


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A Day in the Life of a Young Fathers Youth Worker

A day in the life of a teen dad youth worker

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A Day in the Life of a Merivale Social Worker

A Day in the Life of a Merivale Social Worker


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A Day in the Life of a Primary School Social Worker

Angeleen explains to child


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