Our Approach

In working with families in New Zealand, we believe we must work on all of the following levels:

  • Reducing stress on family life as a society
  • Create a community life and systems of support that allow families to flourish
  • Work with those families who are most vulnerable to make the changes needed to be safe and nurturing for their children

Iosis is primarily committed to this third strand of ensuring family wellbeing in our community.

In situations where families are struggling to be the whanau they want to be, it may be because they have had no real experience of nurture themselves. Often long histories of hurt have run their emotional tanks low and they face multiple challenges and frustrations.

The first step is for a family to tell their unique story. Each family identifies their goals and creates a Family Roadmap that will lead to lasting change. This Family Roadmap serves to integrate the work of all workers and family members around one plan where everyone partners together to go in the same direction.

The journey for the family is one of Becoming, Back-up and Belonging.


Change requires a shift in our understanding of ourselves, our relationships and the world we live in.

Our experiential learning programmes are based on a mix of evidence based models and frameworks that we have developed from our own long experience of working with families. We seek to create ‘wairua ( spiritual) moments’ of encounter, insight and inspiration through which whanau are able to connect their learning with who they are now and who they seek to become. This is an invitation to ‘re-write their story' in a way that builds strength, identity and the capacity for healthy relationships with others.


We recognise that healing and lasting change happens through empathetic relationships and tautoko. We seek to hold the hope of meaningful and lasting change for the whanau until they are able to grasp it for themselves. We strive to offer whanau the support and advocacy around the practical matters that can be stumbling blocks to healthy safe family life.


As humans we are hard-wired for connection. We seek to support and enable whanau to rebuild broken relationships, reconnect with cultural identity and invest in support networks that are healthy and positive for the direction they have set for themselves. This also involves the encouragement to give back something of what they have learned for themselves to others who are along a similar journey.


Iosis Child Protection policy
Iosis is committed to both protecting and promoting the well-being of children and young persons. Download our current Child Protection policy.

Models and beliefs underpinning our approach

Signs of Safety
Therapeutic Community
Circle of Security
12 Steps approach to addiction
Triple P – parenting strategies
Appreciative Inquiry
Compassionate Communication

Our Unique Iosis Process

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We're Proud Of

Maia & James

A family who went from chaos to peace.

Case study family transformation

Some stories are too personal to tell. The following story is fictional and the photos have been posed by models.

However the story of ‘Maia’ and’ James’ is representative of the kinds of challenges often faced by families seeking help from Iosis – relationship break-down, addictions, and violence in the home. Although the names are made up, this is reality for many families.

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