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Our Stories

Iosis works with families to help them overcome challenges that impact their parenting.  Every day we see that even the most troubled parents have the ability to make changes that can transform their family life. Here are some of their stories:

Our Families


Dylan’s Story

After a lifetime of drug dependency and abuse, Dylan was at rock bottom. Then he took an Iosis parenting course. Then further courses. Now, for the first time in 18 years, he’s clean, ready to be a father and has turned his life around.

Shannon’s Story

Shannon had what many might call a ‘privileged upbringing’, but an early pregnancy and an…

Deb’s Story

“Now I feel so strong. I’m strong for my baby.” After getting in with the…

Sammy’s story: how our ‘MenD’ programme mended his life

Things started to change for Sammy in prison. There for the first time for a…

Barrie’s story: the power of commitment

Barrie is a solo father of four children. Last year, the children were taken from…

Danielle’s Story

With an attempted suicide, shoplifting, drug taking and violent relationships in her past, Danielle didn’t think she had any hope of regaining her baby daughter – until she came to Merivale.

Aaron - From chaos to calmness.


When his marriage broke down irreparably, Aaron was devastated. He needed to talk to someone,…

Reuben & Sonya - From strife to strength

Reuben & Sonya

When Reuben’s wife Sonya told him he needed help with anger management, he dismissed it….

Melanie - From conflict to cooperation


Melanie* and her children’s father had been fighting for years. She wanted something different for…

Joanne - from pain to peace


Joanne felt lost, alone, broken and in pain. Child, Youth and Family had just removed…



Things weren’t going well in Stuart’s personal life. It had started to spill over into…

Iosis - Our Stories - Tawhiri


17-year-old Tawhiri was excited at becoming a dad. He left school and started working a…

Our People

Through our unique process of Becoming, Belonging and Back-up, Iosis staff play a vital role in helping families make the changes they need to transform their family life for good. Here is a snapshot of a day in their lives:

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I need help

If you are struggling to be the parent you want to be and need back up, call 269 0050 and discuss confidentially how Iosis can help you or contact us by email..

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I want to be a foster carer

Foster carers are a valuable part of the Iosis organisation providing a place of stability and belonging for children who are often feeling extremely vulnerable.
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I want to get involved

We rely on the generosity of others to continue our work with families. You can help us to support more families.
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I know someone who needs help

If you know of a family or parent that needs help please let us know.
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