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Iosis works with families to help them overcome challenges that impact their parenting.  Every day we see that even the most troubled parents have the ability to make changes that can transform their family life. Here are some of their stories:

Our Families


Jade’s story

Jade graduated from the Merivake Whānau Development Centre after nine months in the residential parenting programme. She reflects on what life was like before and how she developed personally and as a parent as a result.

Janelle’s story

Janelle was a young mum in her early 20s when her debt journey began. She came to Iosis for financial mentoring about two years later. By then, finance company loan and credit card interest were skyrocketing.


Luana’s story

Luana longs to be a positive influence in her sons’ lives—the kind of role model she lacked growing up. She initially sought counselling for her seven-year-old son. But, when offered it for herself also, she leapt at the opportunity.

Mother holding baby - Stacy's Story - Merivale, Iosis

Stacy’s Story

Stacy has overcome a lot to have her children back in her life and her family reunited. She shares about her journey towards becoming a safe parent.

Marie’s story

Marie* and her husband had been married for 13 years when he left her. With seven kids ranging from 23 to 9 years old, she was devastated – and so were her children.

Bianca-May with her daughter

Bianca-May’s story

Bianca-May grew up in Auckland but barely knew her parents as she spent most of her childhood living with foster carers. The pattern continued when her daughter went into foster care – until she was referred to Merivale.

John’s story

When John* saw red and beat up his 12-year old son, he knew it was time to make some changes. And fast.

Missy, laughing at the camera

Danielle’s story: one year on

Danielle graduated from Merivale in June 2018 and we shared her story last year. Now, a year later, she reports that life is looking up for her and her daughter Missy.

Viveka's story - mother holding her son's hand as they balance on a fallen log

Viveka’s story

Like so many of the young women we work with, Viveka had a long history of drug abuse and family violence. When her children were uplifted by Oranga Tamariki, she knew it was time to get help.

Jess*, sitting on a beach looking out to sea

Jess’s Story

Jess* was happily pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her baby, only to find that the baby had died. She had a prolonged miscarriage and says it was extremely traumatic. She began having suicidal thoughts and suffering panic attacks and nightmares and was recommended to Iosis by friends and family


Dylan’s Story

After a lifetime of drug dependency and abuse, Dylan was at rock bottom. Then he took an Iosis parenting course. Then further courses. Now, for the first time in 18 years, he’s clean, ready to be a father and has turned his life around.

Shannon’s Story

Shannon had what many might call a ‘privileged upbringing’, but an early pregnancy and an…

Our People

Through our unique process of Becoming, Belonging and Back-up, Iosis staff play a vital role in helping families make the changes they need to transform their family life for good. Here is a snapshot of a day in their lives:

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