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Iosis is a Greek word meaning ‘the process by which a base metal becomes gold’. For the families that Iosis works with this represents the transformation they go through as they make changes for the good of their family.

Iosis has developed a unique approach that combines experiential learning programmes, practical support and coaching that leads to lasting change. Family members move through a process of Becoming, Belonging and Back-up that stabilises and strengthens their family life.


Here at Iosis we talk about holding hope for families who feel hopeless. This kind of ‘back up’ can make the vital difference while they do the hard work of learning new skills and behaviours for the sake of their children.
Tunumafono Tracey-Leigh Peters, CEO

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Maia & James

A family who went from chaos to peace.

Case study family transformation

Some stories are too personal to tell. The following story is fictional and the photos have been posed by models.

However the story of ‘Maia’ and’ James’ is representative of the kinds of challenges often faced by families seeking help from Iosis – relationship break-down, addictions, and violence in the home. Although the names are made up, this is reality for many families.

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