Our services

losis supports parents and family members to change their family life for good through our range of free services and innovative programmes, including social work, counselling, in-home parent coaching and financial mentoring. We also have social workers based in several primary and secondary schools in South Auckland, and we provide temporary care for children and young people through our foster care service.

Experiential learning is the basis for all our programmes, ensuring that new skills and understanding quickly transition to practical, real-life application. Many of our programmes take place at our Family Learning Centre in Manurewa – please see our brochures for current term dates and course content.


Our services

A safe place to work through the beliefs and emotions that can help or hinder our personal journey. This can involve working together as a couple, family and with children.

Financial Mentoring
Trained financial mentors use a strength-based approach to help families navigate financial and support systems and become more financially capable.

Parent Support
We offer a tailored, home-based parent coaching and support programme, as well as the losis Whānau Centre, a residential, parenting programme for mothers who need additional parenting support.

Social work
Our social workers work with whānau to over challenges that are affecting their family life, working alongside them as they journey to become the family they want to be.

Our programmes

Building Awesome Whānau
A 6-week programme for parents with kids aged 0-12, packed with tips, tools and positive stories from other parents to help you build a great future for your whānau.

Getting a Grip on Communication
A 8-week group programme for individuals and couples who want to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and develop supportive relationships.

Kids Feeling Safe
Our Kids Feeling Safe Programme is for sibling groups of children who have witnessed family violence and where one parent has a Protection Order.

Men’s Development
Our individualised Men's Development Programme helps men to develop new strategies for a family life free of violence and offending.

Triple P Discussion Groups
A 4-week group programme to give parents tools and strategies to help manage the challenges of family life, build relationships, and raise happy, confident children.