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Tyla’s story

After surviving a traumatic childhood and two abusive relationships, Tyla is determined that her young daughter will have a different life than hers.

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Korrine’s story

After a lifetime of transience, abuse and drugs, the Iosis Whānau Centre has shown Korrine how to create a better, safer life for her children. A 30-year old mother with five children, Korrine...
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Elizabeth’s story

After a tough start in life and years of battling addictions, domestic violence and unhealthy relationships, Elizabeth was determined to change, for her children. Elizabeth was the youngest of six children raised by...
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Sifa’s story

Sifa is a SWiS/MASSISS worker who works at Manurewa High School, supporting students throughout their high school years “I love my job and while it can be challenging, every time I help a...
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Cecilia’s story

Cecilia, a social worker with Iosis, has been at St Anne’s Catholic School in Manurewa for nearly two years. “Being part of the Iosis SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) team really helps,” she...
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Telina & Rodney’s story

Telina and Rodney are currently caring for their first foster child, Kya*, a little girl who is almost two years old. She arrived late one night with nothing but the clothes on her...
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Aharei’s story

A mum to two children by the age of 17, Aharei had a very unhappy childhood. She spent most of her early years in foster care with relatives, where she was sexually abused....
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