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A word from Karen

Karen is a financial mentor at Iosis. She works with many of the men on our programmes. “I work closely with the men and their partners to help them find ways to reduce financial stress,” she tells us. “Financial stress can have a huge impact on relationships. It can really take the pressure off a…

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Danielle’s Story

With an attempted suicide, shoplifting, drug taking and violent relationships in her past, Danielle didn’t think she had any hope of regaining her baby daughter – until she came to Merivale.

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SWiS: helping students, helping families

Kathy Hori, Social Worker in Schoo

“One of the things that makes me smile as a Social Worker in Schools is being able to make a child’s day. There’s nothing quite like seeing their faces light up when they receive a new pair of shoes and warm rain jacket.” Kathy Hori, Social Worker in Schools. It’s a typical work day for…

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Creating stronger children & stronger families

For most children, school is an exciting place full of endless opportunity. However the reality is that for some students, the potential to achieve is severely limited because their home life is unstable or unsafe. With classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and social expectations, many young children struggle through these years. Marama Hetaraka has been a…

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SWiS programmes: transforming students’ lives

Childs drawing of family holding hands

An important part of the role of SWiS is to equip students with the necessary tools to cope with a range of behavioural issues, both inside and outside the classroom. In the 13 schools in which Iosis operates, each SWiS worker facilitates programmes to help students have more positive experiences at school, including: Seasons of…

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Meet our staff: Karen Smith, Financial Mentor

Iosis partners with Presbyterian Support Northern and the Anglican Trust for Women and Children to provide financial mentoring to families*. Karen is the Financial Mentor at Iosis and works together with families to help them stabilise and improve their financial situation. “Anyone is welcome to engage in financial mentoring,” explains Karen. “Some families are in crisis…

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Aaron - From chaos to calmness.

When his marriage broke down irreparably, Aaron was devastated. He needed to talk to someone, to help process his emotions. He began meeting weekly with an Iosis Men’s Development facilitator. Learning to forgive and move on with his life was not easy. However, Aaron began focusing his energies on taking care of his son and…

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Reuben & Sonya

Reuben & Sonya - From strife to strength

When Reuben’s wife Sonya told him he needed help with anger management, he dismissed it. But things at home deteriorated. Child, Youth and Family and the Police got involved, and a constable suggested the couple contact Iosis for help. Reuben met regularly with an Iosis Men’s Development facilitator, and Sonya with a counsellor. Sonya completed…

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Melanie - From conflict to cooperation

Melanie* and her children’s father had been fighting for years. She wanted something different for her children, but didn’t know where to turn or what to do. The Police directed her to Iosis. Initially Melanie found it hard to open up to strangers about such personal matters. But, bit by bit, the Iosis social worker…

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Joanne - from pain to peace

Joanne felt lost, alone, broken and in pain. Child, Youth and Family had just removed her toddler and baby from her care. She desperately needed to find hope that she and her children could be together again. She attended Iosis’s Family Resilience and Getting a Grip on Communication programmes. Listening to the other parents’ stories,…

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