Together in faith: Eastview Baptist Church

As part of our regular series focusing on the generous churches and businesses that support Iosis, we profile Eastview Baptist Church in Botany – a church community that has loyally supported Iosis for many years.  

“We live our lives collectively as a society: if one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing. Here at Eastview Baptist Church, we understand the importance of the community work Iosis is involved in and we fully support it,” says Ben O’Connor, EastView’s Lead Pastor. 

“Being involved with Iosis brings joy to our community,” he explains. “Many of our congregation love having a reason to knit and create winter warmers such as hats and scarves; others generously give clothing, blankets and hot water bottles.” For many years, Eastview has also sent monthly donations directly to Iosis. “Local missionary work such as that of Iosis is dear to our hearts,” explains Ben. 

“Tracey-Leigh Peters has been a welcome visitor to our church services and has shared the plights of the families Iosis works with and how their services transform family life. 

What’s more, many of the members of our congregation have been associated with Iosis over the years, including Wayne Boyd, Wendy Barthow and Sarah Cowan. And we fondly remember the kitchen equipment sales that Karen organised to raise funds,” he says.

To all of those at Eastview who have supported our cause, and on behalf of the many South Auckland children and families you’ve helped, a huge ‘thank you’ from Iosis. Together, in God’s name, your ongoing generosity has helped us improve the lives of countless families.