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Posted on March 11, 2020 by Iosis

Right now, many Auckland children are in need of foster carers – but sadly Iosis are unable to help because we simply don’t have enough carers to meet the demand. That’s why we’re looking for more caring families, couples or individuals who have a good home, a caring attitude and a whole lot of aroha. 

Fostering a child can be a very rewarding experience for the carers, but most of all, it can really help to turn a child’s life around. As you’ll see in the graph opposite, many children return home or to whanau care after being fostered through Iosis, and many find homes for life. Whatever the outcome, fostering children gives them a life-changing opportunity to feel safe, secure and loved.

Geraldine’s story: “I know they’re safe for another night.”

Geraldine Anderson has been an Iosis foster carer for four years, during which time she and her family have cared for a number of children. 

“We love having the children here,” she says. “Sometimes it can be challenging, but we know that their behaviour isn’t always their fault. When they’re in our care, it’s so rewarding to know that they’re safe for another night – they’re well fed, warm and cared for. 

As a teacher for the past 20 years, I’ve understood how resilient kids could be, but now I’ve seen it first hand. When a child comes, it takes them no time to fit in – they roll with it.”

Wondering if foster care is right for you and your family? 

If you have a spare room, a caring attitude and a lot of love to give, then please consider becoming a foster carer and giving our tamariki a better start in life. Come along to one of our no-obligation information evenings to find out more:

  • 17th March – 7-8.30pm at Iosis, 112 Russell Road, Manurewa, Auckland
  • 24th March – 7-8.30pm, Cafe Windsor, Windsor Park Centre, 550 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
  • 12th May – 7-8.30pm at Iosis, 112 Russell Road, Manurewa, Auckland

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