New faces. New skills. New strengths.

Posted on July 31, 2019 by Iosis

During the first few months of this year, the Iosis team has grown with the addition of even more highly experienced and committed staff members. We’re also thrilled to welcome back a past employee, Rangi Vaitohi, to the team. 

Rangi Vaitohi, Community Social Worker

“The most important thing I do is listen. From listening comes understanding and this is so important to helping our families overcome the challenges they’re facing,” says Rangi. As a Community Social Worker, Rangi advocates for and collaborates with her clients, enabling them to make changes and overcome challenges. Rangi previously worked at Iosis from 2006 to 2009.

Poulamee Guha, Family Violence Social Worker

Poulamee works closely with families who are dealing with complicated and challenging issues. “I make a lot of house calls and once we’ve established contact, most people are keen to talk and access support to change their situation. One of the strengths of Iosis is our wide range of services. It feels good to be able to create a support plan that can address the underlying issues and really support the family to be in a better place.” 

Dolly Proffitt, Social Work Team Leader

Leading a team of seven social workers, Dolly is looking forward to supporting them as they work to help Iosis families. “Iosis offers a range of different ways to support families from budgeting to relationship counselling. As a Social Worker, having wraparound services directly on hand makes a huge difference and is enormously helpful. I am excited to be here – Iosis is a unique and special place.”

Peta Palalagi, Counsellor

Peta Palalagi has joined the Counselling and Men’s Team at Iosis as a Counsellor, having previously worked in counselling roles with Friendship House, Relationship Services and MIT. “I live in Manurewa and I am really looking forward to serving the people of my local community,” says Peta. “My role involves working one-to-one with people as they work through challenges. It could be anything from overcoming grief and loss to relationship and parenting to self-esteem. Working alongside such a capable team at Iosis is a privilege.”

Heidi Crawford, SwiS Manager

Heidi joined the Iosis team in December, 2018 and leads our SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) team. A registered Social Worker with a Masters of Applied Social Work, Heidi leads a team of eleven social workers working across 15 schools in the Manurewa and Papakura area. “They’re an awesome, diverse team who are highly experienced. My role is to support them to continue to do the great work they are doing.”

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