New group programme added

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Iosis

A new group programme started this week at Iosis’s Family Learning Centre.

‘Getting a Grip on Communication’ is for individuals and couples who wish to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and develop supportive relationships. Trained facilitators will help participants learn how to identify their feelings and needs, and to communicate these to others compassionately.

“If we are having relationship difficulties it can be easy to blame others for making us feel angry, anxious, or sad. However, even though the other person’s words or actions may arouse those negative emotions, they are not the actual cause. Instead, those feelings are likely an indicator of our own unmet needs. If we can discover what these are and learn how to express what we need, we can go a long way towards resolving those relationship problems,” says Iosis Acting CEO, Tracey-Leigh Peters.

From Term 3 the ‘Getting a Grip on Communication’ programme will run over eight weeks, although a shortened three-week ‘preview’ programme commenced on Monday 8 June.

Topics will include:

  • Communicating compassionately with ourselves and others.
  • Developing supportive relationships at home, at work, and in the community.
  • Breaking patterns of thinking that can lead to anger, arguments and depression.
  • Resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • Being ‘present’ to others.

The free programme is expected to be popular, with the preview sessions already booked out. Enquiries about the programme can be made to or Ph 09 269 0050.

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